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Principal's Message

Dear IIMCA Families,

 It is with great pride and excitement that I introduce myself, Natalie Kieffer, as the new Principal at IIMCA. My passion for education and ensuring the success of all students developed as a child growing up in this community and over the past 11 years as a teacher and Assistant Principal in LAUSD and ICEF. What has kept me committed to ICEF is the mission of preparing all students to attend and compete at the top 100 colleges and universities. I come from the belief that all students deserve a high-quality education, regardless of their background and that all students are capable of learning, with the appropriate support, tools, and encouragement.
Coming from View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter High School, I am familiar with the expectations required to be prepared as an incoming high school student. I’m committed to applying this knowledge to set our standards high for our scholars so that we can ensure their success beyond IIMCA culmination. Student achievement begins with strong school culture and rigorous instruction. We will begin the 2017-18 school year strong by setting the IIMCA goals and expectations to all stakeholders and see them through by maintaining consistency and accountability school-wide while keeping an open line of communication. We are also committed to maintaining effective teachers who are provided with ongoing support and coaching to guarantee our students are receiving high quality instruction and are being challenged and engaged in learning every day.

Most importantly, an excellent education is not possible without ongoing collaboration and involvement of all stakeholders, especially our families. The IIMCA school community has done a tremendous job developing and growing our school to be what it is today, and I’m looking forward to becoming a part of the team so that we can continue this progress together.

I am truly looking forward to the upcoming school year ahead of us. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, and ideas that you would like to discuss.


Natalie Kieffer | Principal